Since the establishment of the Ark (Kivotos), it has been the ordinary people who cherished the work thereof and assisted in any way they could. There are people who are on our side during all these years, fellow-travellers and supporters in this work of love, showing, in their way, their love for Ark and their humanitarianism, making the children happier and helping so that they are not lacking a lot, thus contributing significantly to the work of the Ark.

The Ark of the World (Kivotos tou Kosmou) is now a source of support, care and hope for children.

Since the first years of its operation the Ark has been counted on the cooperation, the initiatives and the activities of ordinary people, who embraced the work of father Antonios and joined forces in order to offer the best possible to children.

Volunteerism here is multileveled as the work of the Ark is surrounded by hundreds of volunteer manpower.                

Every day, countless volunteers are employed at the Child Education, Support and Care Centre facilities. Each of them, in his own unique way, and all together, they contribute their own bit in practice, with enormous love. 

 In addition to the volunteers working at the "Ark of the World” facilities, an extensive network of volunteers-associates, who unselfishly provide their services to the population of the Ark, has been created, as, for example,

-      Doctors of all specialties and private diagnostic centers or private clinics, providing free of charge healthcare to children and parents,

-      Tutorial schools providing free lessons for children.

-      Lawyers provide free legal services.

Volunteering sectors

The sectors to which each may contribute on a volunteer basis are the following:

-      Learning support and preparation of children in the school subjects (primary school/high school/senior high school)

-      Kitchen assistance (cooking and meal preparation)

-      Cleaning assistance

-      Accompanying children to doctors’ appointments

-      Collection of drugs from cooperating pharmacies

-      Sports activities

-      Artistic activities

We also welcome any initiative on your behalf for assistance; each one, in his unique way, may support our effort.

Volunteering Needs of the Ark

-      Need for teachers (primary school/high school/senior high school).

-      Need for special education teachers

-      Need for kindergarten teacher

-      Need for people to take children to medical appointments.

-      Need for volunteer drivers (from the wider area of Piraeus) for our shelter in Piraeus!


For someone to become a volunteer in the Ark, it is not only sufficient to be willing to; he/she also has to pass an evaluation process. The process of involving a candidate volunteer in the programs and activities of the Art is as follows:

-      Telephone contract with the social worker-responsible for volunteers.

-      Scheduled meeting with the responsible social worker and filling of an application to become a volunteer

-      Processing of the application and involvement of the volunteer in the program, as long as he/she has been found suitable and if the sector in which he/she wishes to participate “matches” the emerging needs.

-      Information on the volunteer’s duties and on everything that he/she

-      Probation period of involvement in the procedures

-      Group and Individual Volunteers’ Meetings

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