The Ark of the World has two Children’s Homes with a capacity of 80 beds, aiming to provide protection, care and love to children without any supportive environment. Staffed by special instructors, social workers and psychologists, people with patience and love for children, our Homes aspire to be the proper home for every child embraced by the Ark of the World.

Our Homes welcome every child with unsuitable or non-existing family environment, proved by social inquiries and decided by competent prosecuting and judicial authorities.

Requests come from prosecutors for children, judicial authorities, social services of municipalities, children’s hospitals, prefectures or other child protection agencies.

The main concern of all of us in the Ark is to stand by the children and provide them with care, protection and all that it is necessary for them to grow into decent and wise adults. With respect and discretion, as well as much love, Father Antonios is always involved with raising the children, in collaboration with instructors and social workers who have undertaken the everyday care of the children. As the children’s spiritual father, he is always concerned with their proper development and is always there to guide, advise and encourage them, so that the children can feel safe and unfold their abilities.

Children attend schools in the area, private tuition for foreign languages, supportive teaching etc. At the same time, they take part in sports and artistic activities, while their schedule does not lack games, vacations, visits and recreational activities.

For our homes, resources to meet the needs of the children come from private initiatives and offerings made by our fellow people, while no state subsidy has been planned. Our efforts to continuously improve the circumstances of the children are intensifying and your support is necessary and valuable.

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