Care for the Mother

Schools for Parents

  • Mothers come to scheduled group meetings with social workers in order to be trained in matters relating to their parental role, their relationship with the children and concerns they express for their children.
  • They learn how to best approach and raise children of all ages.
  • They talk about how parents should deal with boundaries within the family, rules, consistency etc.
  • They also receive information on matters relating to parents’ attitude towards values such as respect, love, solidarity, cooperation, responsibility, and how to foster virtues.
  • Parents should apply at home the same manner of behaviour and reward or consistency.
  • They are updated by the teachers about their children’s progress in the courses and their behaviour.

Personal meetings

  • These meetings address matters relating to each family individually.
  • Parents receive guidance on matters relating to their parental role.
  • The needs of the families are recorded and evaluated.

Psychological support

Every family is different and mothers and/or children always have issued that need support by professional psychologists. In such cases, the family is referred to professional volunteer psychologists who treat the family in their private practices.

Legal support

The families of the Ark receive legal support by volunteer lawyers in legal matters.

Support in the form of food

Mothers are provided with basic food so that they can offer the necessary meals to their children at home. Food and other necessities are supplied in packs. The food is not cooked, because we try to contribute to their psychological support, helping them feel worthy of their role towards their children by taking care of them themselves.

Support in the form of clothing

A basic need of almost all our families is clothing and footwear for children and their families. With the help of all those who contribute to our effort by donating clothes to the Ark, we manage to provide once a week all that is necessary to meet such an important living need.

Medical and pharmaceutical care

Most of our children and families are uninsured and their medical and pharmaceutical care is one of our primary concerns. Such care includes medical visits and tests to doctors of various specialities and provision of pharmaceutical care indicated in each instance. Children also receive immunization and undergo tests at the premises of the Ark of the World by volunteer doctors.

Educational programmes for vocational training

Mothers receive educational support by attending, free of charge, lessons for dressmaking, taking care of babies and elderly, cooking, cosmetics and hairdressing. They are educated and acquire the necessary skills to be integrated in the labour force in a targeted manner. It is also worth noting that educational seminars are organised by special employment consultants with an aim to train them in employment.


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