Home for mothers and children

In these hard days, an increasing number of mothers live in destitution and lack a safe home for them and their children. In order to provide immediate and substantial support to these mothers, we established the programme “Home for mothers and children”. The needs of the families have shown us the way to establish this programme, through which mothers live with their children for as long as necessary, in independent apartments provided by the Ark of the World. In this way, homeless single-parent families find shelter in our apartments, which have been carefully equipped for mothers and children. Alternatively, destitute mothers receive monthly financial allowance to pay their rent, their utility bills etc. to keep their homes. The total number of apartments and allowances is 100 per month and are given with the ulterior motive to help mothers get back on their feet, pay their expenses and, along with finding a job, take their life and the responsibility for their children in their own hands.

The purpose of the programme is to provide protection and a supportive environment to boost the existing family environment, i.e. mothers who have to raise their children by themselves, so that they are not forced to abandon them due to financial or social difficulties. Our greatest satisfaction comes when we see mothers who become empowered and manage to stand on their own two feet and raise their children with dignity.

“Adopt” a single-parent family home by paying for operating expenses, which mothers are often unable to pay and which are necessary for the family to have a dignified life!

Our goal is to provide protection, so that children can stay with their mothers and mothers can become empowered to raise the children with dignity.

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