Educational programmes

Supportive teaching

 One of our key goals is to provide children with continuous education. Mothers come to the Ark to find support, while children come to receive proper education and training. Children set their own goals for life and the first step to fulfill them is continuous education.

 In the context of our philosophy that learning is a way out of life’s impasses, ignorance and delinquency, we established supportive teaching courses for children of all grades. These courses are offered every day by volunteer teachers (primary and secondary education levels) who prepare and help children with their homework. These courses are a form of private tuition per school grade and subject.

When needed, private tuition is also offered to children and, in case of children with special difficulties or children in the last grade of high school, lessons are offered free of charge by private tuition centres and special teachers. We would like to note that we want every child who comes to the Ark to have equal opportunities with other children, irrespective of the financial abilities of the family.


Aware of the importance of employment in the life of young people and based on the many needs of our older members, the Ark decided to support its members in their first steps. In collaboration with the prosecution service for children, vocational high schools and various technicians, it implements its innovative apprenticeship programme, involving training and specialization of young people over 15 years of age who, along with attending a school, have the opportunity to train in their desired work environment, observe and experience real work conditions. This process brings them closer to employment, since they acquire valuable experience.

Many children have benefited from this programme to date.

This programme reflects the essential goal of the Ark, i.e. supporting children who had a difficult and deprived childhood to stand on their own two feet. A very important element for their independence is to find work and the first step for this is apprenticeship.

 Programme to learn Greek

The programme to learn Greek responds to the educational needs of children who are either refugees in Greece or do not attend Greek public schools for social and other reasons.

The goal of this programme is to properly prepare children for their smooth integration into Greek society and reality, so that they can attend Greek schools in the next school year. Lessons to learn Greek are successful, since children attend the Greek educational system in the next school year.

Arts, sports and educational activities

It should be noted here that children can take part in afternoon activities (arts, sports and educational activities) of the Ark of the World’s day centre. The activities scheduled for this school year respond to the children’s needs for extracurricular activities that cannot be met by their families. The ulterior motive of all activities is to reinforce group spirit, provide activities offering joy, fun, entertainment, boost to self-esteem and a way to relax from the heavy school curriculum.

As regards the programme of afternoon extracurricular activities in 2015-2016, children take part in activities such as:

SPORTS ACTIVITIES                  
• Two workout classes                     
• Martial arts team                      
• Two table tennis teams                      
• Basketball team                                  
• Football team                          
• Two aerobics classes              
• Two gymnastics classes       


• Theatrical play group

• Choir group

• Theatre groups (seasonal)

• Arts and crafts group

• Icon painting group

• Modern dance group

• Traditional dance group
• Personal drawing lessons
• Personal piano lessons
• Personal percussions lessons


•Nine English courses (depending on the level)

• Two French courses
• Four computer courses
• Newspaper group

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