Camping programmes and excursions

Another important activity for summer months is the participation of the children to the Ark of the World’s camp in Rafina. The operation of the camp begins in April; children and the Ark’s staff spend their weekends there. When schools close for summer, children take part according to their age in the 4 camping periods and spend their summer vacations in a pleasant and carefree environment.

All children participating in the programmes of the children’s education, support and care centre take part in the camp.

The goal of the camping programme is twofold.

Its primary concern is to provide summer vacations for the children, so they can rest, play and be entertained. Secondly, they learn to function in groups, thereby fostering the sense and concept of togetherness, as well as healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

All activities, both physical and intellectual, aim to provide children with mental exercise and build their character and personality on the basis of human values and ideals. The children’s mental exercise is a key priority and they are taught virtues through the advice of Father Antonios and their camp counselors.

By means of visits to churches and monasteries, children observe and get to know this way of life and are taught by example of the greatness of orthodox faith.

They are also taught to love and respect nature and the environment, learn to recycle and protect nature. They try to adopt this way of life in their everyday routine, thereby contributing to raising awareness about ecology.

The activities of the Ark of the World’s camp also include:

·         Sports

·         Games

·         Children’s Olympics

·         Arts

·         Theatre

·         Music

·         Lectures on matters concerning the children

·         Visits to museums and archaeological sites

Overall, the camping programme aims to provide rest and entertainment for the children, always supplemented by education and teachings.

  Off-site entertainment and sports activities

Throughout every school year, the Ark of the World’s programmes comprise off-site activities offering entertainment and edification for our children,  such as visits to museums, theatres, cinema, sports activities, music events, entertaining activities etc.  

Many visits were held in the course of the current school year, with an aim to acquire new experiences, stimuli, images and emotions that were then processed and discussed with the children.

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