Social Service

The social service of the Ark of the World receives new applications for assistance, in order to accommodate new cases in the Ark’s programme or refer them to appropriate services, always monitoring the course of the requests.

Social workers make onsite visits and interventions to verify the living conditions and needs of the families. They also take the family’s social history, register them in the various programmes and provide holistic services to mothers and children.

They also see to the implementation of the entire range of contacts and links to referral services for children and their families. They provide counseling support to families and children through personal and group meetings, while they provide employment counseling to mothers.

They work together with public services and NGOs, link and refer cases to the appropriate bodies (requests for accommodation, counseling, psychological and/or psychiatric support, medical and pharmaceutical care, social welfare). Social workers also welcome new volunteers, guide them to fill out the volunteer form and evaluate it. At the same time, through group meetings, they train, supervise and update volunteers depending on their field of involvement.

They provide information to visitors of the Ark about the programmes that are implemented; for instance, they receive and provide guided tours of the premises to students, associations and other bodies.

Finally, they work together with teachers and volunteers for the smooth implementation of the daily schedule, organize the services provided and plan intervention and training actions and programmes for the families.

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