Social grocery store

Although the objective of the Ark is to support single-parent families, people’s great needs in food and necessities have shown us the way to establish the Social Grocery Store, which has been operating since 2011 and provides large quantities of food for six months to 150 families. 

Our goal is to meet the basic living needs of destitute families, people with low or no income, the elderly and people who lost their jobs and have been able to decently live off their income until recently.

 The programme’s goal is also to support families with young children who, due to travel difficulties and long distances, cannot take part in the everyday programme of the Care Centre.

To date, the Social Grocery Store of the Ark of the World has supported 1000 families with food, clothing, shoes and medications. Quantities vary according to the members of each supported family and most of these goods come from selfless gifts of our fellow people who wish to express their love for Father Antonios’ work.

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