Daycare centre

A separate and special area of the Child Education, Support and Care Centre houses our daycare centre, which accommodates our 45 young children every day. The “gem” of the Ark of the World aims to provide relief to single mothers, so that they can work. These single mothers face many social and financial difficulties, unfortunately without any supportive environment.

 Our goal is for mothers to receive the help they need to stay with their children and raise them with dignity, equipped with what is necessary to take charge of their parental role.

Therefore, the vast majority of children in our daycare centre come from single-parent families. With the help of trained teachers, full of love and creativity, our youngest members enjoy an educational programme full of educational activities, actions, excursions and cultural visits.
We set learning goals at high levels and provide advanced language skills; activities have been designed to approach all learning subjects and, in time, children develop their cognitive skills. The entire educational programme is always developed on the basis of the needs and abilities of every child. Young pupils have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with many scientific branches (such as language, mathematics, arts, music, physics and theatre) through the many thematic modules they address each time. Our main concern is to transmit every day, not only scientific knowledge, but also key values of life, and the values on which the Ark of the World is founded. In our daycare centre, children grow and learn in an active manner based on experience. Of course, our programme does not lack free creative games, which are very important for preschoolers, since they not only acquire new knowledge, but also develop socially and emotionally.

Our programme is boosted even more by educational visits e.g. to children’s theatres, museums and educational parks, thereby reinforcing what they have learned in the classroom. 

All pupils receive meals, including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Therefore, every mother at work or looking for a job to be there for her children again knows that her children are in a safe place, with everything they need to develop properly.

Our daycare centre and its trained staff approaches the entire task focused on the child.

Young children receive appropriate stimuli for their development and education and, above all, learn that biases and stereotypes are invented by grownups… 

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