Semi-independent living programme

In the context of this programme, adults will try to slowly take over responsibility for their life and stand on their own feet. We give them an apartment to ensure accommodation, enroll them in a school for the career they wish to pursue and, at the same time, collaborate with professionals who take on the adults for practical training. Semi-independent living comprises three phases. In the first phase, adults are entitled to make use of the Ark’s services for meals and accommodation expenses. In this period, they must gradually train to develop the necessary skills to meet their own needs for meals (e.g. cooking) and household management (financials, cleaning etc.). In the second phase, adults must have developed greater independence and receive from the Ark the necessary items (food, cleaning items, stationery etc.) within the limits of a specific amount determined by the tenant and the programme managers. The third phase requires that adults earn steady income and undertake the entire responsibility to run the household. They meet the needs of themselves and the home and do not depend on the Ark for products or money.

They are ready to stand on their own two feet, have their own family and provide for society.

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