Child Protection - Accommodation

The Ark’s homes can provide actual protection to children who were neglected, abandoned or received no care at all, either because they had no parents or because they were considered unfit to care for them.                                                    

 Children subject to any form of abuse by their parents or relatives, children without boundaries, found the appropriate environment in the Ark; in addition to accommodation and safety, they take part in many programmes carefully designed for them. These programmes are implemented by child psychologists, social workers, teachers, speech therapists and caregivers so that, first of all, every child we raise can free themselves from the hardship they experienced, feel love and care, find their lost childhood and live according to the needs of their age.

Our goal is for every child to develop an emotionally and intellectually healthy personality, take part in social activities and receive educational and pedagogic stimuli.

Moreover, through proper psychological support, we aim to make a positive contribution to resolving all domestic problems that the children faced before they were removed and promptly intervene in eliminating the symptoms of any problematic behaviour.


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