Legal protection

The Ark of the World, being a recognised body providing special care and protection to children, can fully undertake and exercise parental responsibility and custody of children accommodated with us. The Ark of the World provides care to children by prosecutor’s order; in addition to accommodation and safety, they take part in many programmes carefully designed for them.

Our goal is, always on the basis of children’s needs and rights, for every child to develop an emotionally healthy personality, acquire social skills and receive appropriate educational and pedagogic stimuli.

In addition, through suitable psychological support, we aim to make a positive contribution to resolving domestic problems that children had before they were removed from their families and make timely interventions to eliminate the symptoms of problematic behaviour.

To assist us in this task, there are legal advisors representing the Ark of the World who, always in collaboration with the Athens Prosecution Service for Children and our Social Service, undertake each case under our protection, resolve all matters relating to the child and collect all documents required to set a hearing date for our organisation to exercise parental responsibility and custody.

At the same time, our legal representatives provide advisory support in matters relating to single-parent families supported by the Ark of the Work and give us guidance to resolve them.

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