Entertaining activities (arts, sports, education etc.)

The children can take part in afternoon activities (arts, sports and educational activities) of the Ark of the World’s day centre. The activities scheduled for this school year respond to the children’s needs for extracurricular activities that cannot be met by their families. The ulterior motive of all activities is to reinforce group spirit, provide activities offering joy, fun, entertainment, boost to self-esteem and a way to relax from the heavy school curriculum.

As regards the programme of afternoon extracurricular activities in 2015-2016, children take part in activities such as: 

SPORTS ACTIVITIES                  
• Two workout classes                     
• Martial arts team                      
• Two table tennis teams                      
• Basketball team                                  
• Soccer team                          
• Two aerobics classes              
• Two gymnastics classes       


• Theatrical play group

• Choir group

• Theatre groups (seasonal)

• Arts and crafts group

• Icon painting group

• Modern dance group

 • Traditional dance group 
 • Personal drawing lessons 
 • Personal piano lessons
 • Personal percussions lessons


•Nine English courses (depending on the level)

• Two French courses  
• Four computer courses  
•Newspaper group

Off-site entertainment and sports activities

Throughout every school year, the Ark of the World’s programmes comprise off-site activities offering entertainment and edification for our children, such as visits to museums, theatres, cinema, sports activities, music events, entertaining activities etc. 

Many visits were held in the course of the current school year, with an aim to acquire new experiences, stimuli, images and emotions that were then processed and discussed with the children.

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